Psychoeducational Evaluation

Educational Insight specializes in psychoeducational evaluations of children and young adults, ages 4 to 21 years. From kindergarten readiness to college graduation, we highlight strengths and give recommendations for overcoming obstacles. We help parents select a school that meets their child's needs, receive services within their current school or locate professionals working privately with children. We have extensive experience working with private tutors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, physical and occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and other professionals. We believe that everyone has areas of strength and accomplishment, and we are dedicated to helping young people overcome obstacles and realize their full potential.

Children and adolescents often need evaluations primarily for educational purposes. Many schools require intelligence and academic achievement testing as part of their admissions process. Programs for gifted and talented students also may require testing. Finally, parents may wish to explore the possibility of a learning disability, attentional problem or emotional problem that has an impact on school performance. We are available to evaluate intelligence, academic skills, attentional abilities, emotional functioning, adaptive skills and vocational interests. A comprehensive evaluation can help you:

It is important to tailor each evaluation to the needs of your child. We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive testing and educating parents about their rights and options.

Some of the conditions for young people we evaluate are:

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